Self portrait, oil on canvas, 2010

I am a visual artist and printmaker living in Montreal. I grew up in Athens, Greece. My family name, apart from being hard to spell according to public opinion, indicates the location of my native soil, the bay of Mirabello or Meramvelo at the northeastern coast of Crete. “I am not saying native land, I am saying native soil. The native soil is something deeper, more modest and taciturn, made of abraded ancient bones.” (N.Kazantzakis, “Report to Greco”)

In 2008, I graduated with a major in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since my graduation, I have worked in various areas of the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and book arts. I have participated in several group exhibitions and I have often received commissions from private sources to create artwork. As of January 2012, I am a member of the Atelier Circulaire printmaking studio in Montreal. Working in print media is for me a truly vivid and organic practice, in which the printing matrix turns alive, gets transformed into a reproductive organ, generates life.

My work is characterized by images that associate forms and visions of the natural world. The protagonists in these images are forms of life – plants, animals, human, the earth – their parts or their communities. Unexpected analogies between these characters are suggested, thus evoking alternate impressions to the viewers. My work intends to transform trivial images into meaningful ones.  I aspire to stimulate the audience to sense in the present the presence of the past and to feel the kinship between all forms of life.

I am constantly seeking to work with new media and materials. Although I am always striving to gain a high level of technical proficiency, I often find that to engage in new techniques offers me something of the advantage of a novice – the advantage of a fresh approach. It is that fresh approach I am always seeking when I am observing nature, when I am drawing a fruit, an animal or a human. In my view, creation is meant to be an awakening experience.
A characteristic found often in my work, is the oval shape. This form is used as a reference to an egg, a seed, a uterus or any other embryonic world. This impression becomes particularly strong when the works are viewed from a distance. A closer look reveals a second impression, a universe in transition. A seed wants to be a plant, an animal wants to be a man, a man wants to be a superior being.

Inspired by life itself, my effort is to feel deeply its impulse. I view the tiniest animal crawling on the ground as my great ancestor; I feel its tremendous legacy in the center of my spine. I am awed by the relation between the whole and the part. In my view, a seed that sprouts, a bud that shoots, an egg that cracks, is a universe. Who knows? Our universe may also be a seed that sprouts.